Full XTreme & Optimization Analysis

Full XTreme & Optimization Analysis

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Analysis: Google Analytics
+ Performance analysis per channel
+ Conversion flow analysis
+ Devices and Browsers comparative
+ Channel performance

Analysis: Webmaster Tools / Search Console
+ Analysis of indexing performance
+ Error report
+ Identification of related words more relevant in organic searches

Analysis: User Experience
+ Interface analysis
+ Sales flow
+ Identification of Optimization Opportunities

Analysis: Interface Performance
+ Page load performance
+ Identification of files with inadequate size
+ Analysis of scripts and requests undue
+ Channel performance

+ Action plan definition
+ Indication of business opportunities
+ Targeting for performance optimization

+ Performance monitoring
+ Monitoring actions and strategy adequacy
+ Progress report

- Proactive Position
- Period: 30 Days
- Need to schedule 15 days in advance
- 10 days for analysis and plan delivery
- 1 call for the presentation of the analysis and plan
- Follow up by mail
- 1 Call for action verification and completion
- Need to release Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools, and TagManage access
- Costs of Flight Tickets and Accommodations are the Customer's Responsibility.
- VTEX Reserves the Right to Change the Professional Pesponsibility of the Project Without Prior Notice