Product Owner - Simple ERP Integration

Product Owner - Simple ERP Integration

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Por: US$15,000.00

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Sobre o aplicativo

- Remote Kickoff Meeting
- Support Objective: Product, SKU, Image
- Support Objective: Inventory
- Support Objective: Price
- Support Objective: Order (Consumption, start of handling, billing, tracking code and change)
- Support to Integration Architecture
- Support to Integration using APIs
- Support to Validate the Flow Chart
- Support to Execute Tests
- Remote Attendance During GoLive

- Reactive Position
- Period: 45 Days
- Limited to 4 Meetings with 3-Hour Duration (Maximum): 1 Kickoff, 2 Build Flow, and 1 Validate Flow
- Specific scope for simple ERP integration
- Support for 2 Weeks After GoLive
- Costs of Flight Tickets and Accommodations are the Customer's Responsibility.
- VTEX Reserves the Right to Change the Professional Responsibility of the Project Without Prior Notice.