Product Owner - Mktplace Não VTEX Integration

Product Owner - Mktplace Não VTEX Integration

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- On-Site Kickoff meeting at VTEX Office SP or VTEX Office RJ with Store and Integrator Participation

- Support for Development Actions:

-- Implement Seller's Call Notification of Price Change and Inventory;

-- Implement Seller SKU Insertion into VTEX;

-- Implement Endpoint for query of commercial policy (price and inventory) in the Seller;

-- Implement endpoint for the Seller to receive an order made in VTEX;

-- Implement endpoint for VTEX to authorize dispatch in the Seller;

-- Implement routine reporting of invoice data and delivery tracking of an order in VTEX;

-- Implement routine to inform the cancellation of an order by VTEX;

- Back-Office support:

-- Configuration of the Non-VTEX Seller Form in Store Admin;

-- Instructions for Category, Marks and Specifications Mapping Received by Seller;

-- Instructions for Approval or Rejection of SKU Suggestions Received by Seller.


- Reactive Position

- Period: 30 Days

- 1 Meeting to Define the Integration Structure (3 Hours, Maximum);

- 1 Meeting to Train How Marketplace Model Works (2 Hours, Maximum);

- 1 Call to Solve any Issues or Challenges as a Result of Completed Flow and Development (2 Hours, Maximum);

- 1 Call to Test and Approve Integration (2 Hours, Maximum);

- Support for 2 Weeks After GoLive Regarding any Specific Issues by Ticket;

- On-Site Meetings at VTEX Office SP or VTEX Office RJ

- Mandatory Participation for the Store with Access to Admin and Technical Managers for the Development of Integration.

- No Questions or Issues will be Accepted After the Period.

- Costs of Flight Tickets and Accommodations are the Customer's Responsibility.

- VTEX Reserves the Right to Change the Professional Responsibility of the Project Without Prior Notice.”