Product Owner - Seller Whitelabel

Product Owner - Seller Whitelabel

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Por: R$ 47.200,00

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Sobre o aplicativo

- Remote Kickoff Meeting
- Support to define the architecture using Whitelabel Sellers
- Support to validate the Flow Chart
- Support to implant 5 Whitelabel Sellers
- Support to Execute Tests
- Remote Schedule During GoLive
- Support to 2 Weeks After GoLive (Ongoing)

- Reactive Position
- Period: 45 Days (Implantation + Ongoing support)
- Support to implant 5 Whitelabel Sellers: Maximum 30 days
- It is not included in this value development of VTEX features, platform training or layout points.
- It is not included in this proposal commercial values of the platform (whitelabel account).
- It is not included in this proposal support to integration of stock, price and orders, because it is the same way. We only changing the environment.
- Costs of Flight Tickets and Accommodations are the Customer's Responsibility.
- VTEX Reserves the Right to Change the Professional Responsibility of the Project Without Prior Notice.